It is with great pleasure I am writing this message for all our members. It has been a very long time almost twenty years since 1997 I came into the Executive Council and I am still continuing. I would like to thank all our members for believing in me by making me as the President for the second time.

I hope to serve all our members to the best of my ability as the President for the second time. Currently MSAVA is recognised as one of the premier Small Animal Association in the Asian Region. After our very successful organising of FASAVA 2016 at KLCC the World Bodies and Veterinarians are looking towards Malaysia. Recently we organised the National Scientific Conference 2017 and Exhibition at the Connexion@Nexus in Kuala Lumpur in August 2017 where we had almost 300 veterinarians and almost 20 companies participating and all our booth spaces were sold out. Currently there are lots of companies already inquiring about the next National Scientific Conference in 2018. Our main focus will be CPD by organising more Seminars and Workshops so that our members can benefit from it.

We will be also focusing on the Veterinary Nursing since a lot of our members are in the need of Para Professionals and in the new Veterinary Act Bill Para – Professionals will be included. MSAVA has signed a new MOU with Animal Industries Resource Centre, Australia to encourage this. We hope to do roadshows to get more Malaysian who are interested to enrol in this Veterinary Nursing Program through MSAVA.

We also plan to have dialogues with Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia through the Director General to look into co-operation with them to organise CPD in the Government facilities where all the Veterinarians can benefit. We would also work jointly with them in Animal Welfare issues and facilitating Government policies.

Currently there is a shortage of Kennel Hands and Animal Care Personals in our clinics we would also like to bring this up with the Director General, Department of Veterinary Services and see whether there is a solution to the above problems faced by our Practitioner Members.

Since the election was recently concluded during the AGM on 20th August 2017 we have a new Committee elected and the new Executive Council Committee with mixture of new and old members will strive to serve the members to the best of their ability. I hope that my leadership of the Executive Council will inspire all of them to excel in whatever duties that are assigned to them.

Wishing for a bright and fruitful future for MSAVA and all its members

“It benefits to be Associated”

Dr. Gopinathan Gangadharan
President MSAVA