This is my second consecutive term as President MSAVA. Of the three term as President MSAVA.

My first term was from 2011 to 2013 and the Second term from 2017 to 2019. Currently I have been reelected as President from 2019 to 2021. I would like to thank members in keeping faith in me to run MSAVA for one more term. Hope I can match up to the expectations of our members. Currently we have  young energetic members in our executive council and hope they help move our council to the next level. With a mix of old timers and young members we will try to serve you to the best of our abilities.

Our National Scientific Conference and Exhibition 2019 was very well attended and we had a lot more companies supporting us. The MSAVA NSC and Exhibitions is an event all the companies and Companion Animal Practitioners look forward to.

MSAVA will be having its 30th Annual General Meeting this year and was planning to organize it in a grand way along with our NSC 2020 but unfortunately NSC 2020 had to be postponed and differed to 2021 due to the pandemic COVID 19 which  has shaken up the whole world and which has killed thousands of people. Most of the countries affected had to do total lockdown hence all business were affected and the new way of life had to be adapted. The movement control order, restricted business and movement of people hence causing total drop of activities . Now currently under the recovery movement order things are slowly coming back to normal. Fortunately non of our members were affected by the disease and since veterinarians were categorized under essential services most of our member practices were allowed to operate but with restricted hours. This will gone on till end of December 2020. We hope things will get better in 2021.

Being nominated to veterinary council I was able to communicate better with Department of Veterinary Services and Veterinary Council to address issues brought to us by our members more effectively. My term in the Malaysian Veterinary Council is till September 2022.

The Companion Animal Practice in Malaysia is increasing at very healthy rate and currently there are more than one thousand companion animal practitioners in the country. MSAVA hopes more of these practitioners will join our association so that we can be seen as a strong voice to address the issues faced by companion animal practitioners like shortage of drugs and workers. Lets all hope for a better future in these troubled times.

My wish and hope is for that the pandemic COVID 19 to be resolved at the earliest and I hope there will be a vaccination against it. Till then lets all stay safe and healthy.

Dr. Gopinathan Gangadharan
President MSAVA