Check list for MSAVA Membership Application

All the new membership application must:

i. Fill up the application form completely.

ii. Attach passport size photo of applicant.

iii. Attach photo of clinic frontage.

iv. Attach SSM registration documents (Owner of clinic).

v. Attach copy of current APC.

vi. a) Attach copy of MVC registration certificate (OR).

b) Certificate of graduation

vii. Attach business card (if any).

viii. Obtain state representative and MSAVA member signature.

EXCO will process the above application form and attachments. Upon approval, a letter of acceptance will be sent to the applicant with the detail of payment. (Article 9)

Upon receiving the letter of acceptance, the applicant must make payment within 4 weeks from the date of letter of acceptance (as describe in the constitution, Article 8. 1 and 2).

Applicant must inform the EXCO by emailing proof of payment.

Membership number will be given once payment had been acknowledged.

Please click the below button and download the application form.

Membership Application Form

Thank you.

For further inquiry, please email to us.

Email Address:
Attention/Remark: Membership chairman / MSAVA Secretariat
Dr Krishnaveni Jayaraj is the current Membership Chairman for term 2019 / 2021