Experts: Take extra care to avoid Covid-19 transmission to pets

Veterinary professionals have advised pet owners to practise good personal hygiene and safety measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19 to their animals. Read more…


Covid-19: Animal shelters and vets hit hard by coronavirus crisis

Target, Swooner and Tic Tac are delighted that the humans are staying at home. They have company all day long and cuddles on demand. Read more…


No evidence of pets transmitting COVID-19 to humans, says Malaysia’s veterinary services department

Pet owners in Malaysia have been asked not to be too alarmed about their pets being possible spreaders of the COVID-19 virus. Read more…


Animal Doctors Needed


ANIMAL HEALERS: There are currently a total of 453 private veterinary clinics in Malaysia. Read more…

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Pet Passport
is an official document of Malaysian Government under Malaysian Animal Traceability System (MATs) Project.

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Job Vacancy at MSAVA Member Clinics.

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