MSAVA (Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary Association) is formed with the following objectives

  • To honour, promote and foster the interest and advancement of all those who are concerned with the art of the practice of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery.
  • To inculcate a stronger, meaningful and more active fellowship amongst the members.
  • To uphold the dignity and ethics in the practice of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery and maintain high standards of professional conduct.
  • To inform, liaise, and educate the public with regards to matters pertaining to the welfare and well-being of companion animals with special reference to preventive medicine and disease control.
  • To inform, educate and assist the Government, Local Councils and relevant authorities with matters pertaining to the practice of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery and disease control
  • To promote and foster Animal Health and Animal Welfare and work closely with all agencies and authorities committed to the care and welfare of animals.
  • To carry out such consultative and investment activities as is necessary for generating sufficient income for the running of the Association.

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